Local Development Achievements - Voluntary Work for 5 years

Click the image to view the CLDC Five Years Publication 2014

Click the image to view the CLDC Five Years Publication 2014

What is it?

As an active board member of Clare Local Development Company Cllr. Flynn strives to support, empower and enable local community led development through grants, training, mentoring etc whether it is initiated by the local community or local based enterprises. A total of 25 voluntary board members, volunteers on sub committees and 53 dedicated staff are part of Clare Local Development Company.


What does it mean to you?

Over the last 5 years a huge economic impact has been made through the work that Cllr. Flynn and his fellow board members have made in 15,000 hours of voluntary time:
Enterprises Supported - 722
Jobs Created - 517
People trained - 1,657

Clare Local Development Company which commenced its work in 2009, is a limited company with a voluntary Board of Directors from community and voluntary groups, social partners, environmental interests, local government and state bodies. This community-led Board decides how funding and scheme resources are used for the economic and social benefit of people and communities in Co. Clare. Over 15,000 hours of voluntary time was contributed to this work by Board members over the 5 year period.

Some real examples include Black Umbrella ProductionsBarry WrafterClare Job SupportObair Newmarket On FergusAtlantic AirVentureShannon Leisure Centre VitaminsHandcraftHurleys.comWilde Irish ChocolateKilkishen Cultural-CentreLoop Head Peninsula TourismNevsail Watersports,Airmid Natural Handmade Soap & GiftsWildkitchen, and many more...

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Ennis Municipal District


What does it mean?

The abolition of Town Councils means Clare County will be split into only 4 election areas, one of them is the Ennis Municipal District.

What does it mean for you ?

The election area in green (see map) is Ennis and it’s wider rural area including the villages of Barefield, Clooney, Doora, Quin, Clarecastle, Kilmaley and Kilnamona will now have only 8 councillors compared to the current number of 18 - a reduction in cost and duplication meaning better coordination and accountability.

I am one of only two of the 27 Ennis election candidates who previously served on both Ennis Town & Clare County Councils. I also have been working actively in rural development through my board membership with Clare Local Development Company for the last years.