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Climate & Local Environment

Actioning locally beneficial environmental policies that also have impact on climate change and an advocate for Ennis and Clare’s transition to a low carbon society.

Combating Litter

There are 1 million black bags dumped each year in Clare that are damaging our community. In 2018, Cllr Flynn campaigned for the residents of Clare to join him in making submissions on their suggestions for the Clare Litter Plan 2019-2021. His submission included an increase in resources for inspections of the 47% of households that are not signed up to a licenced waste collection service, using drones and CCTV in common dumping areas and providing more bins for dog fouling at beaches, parks and along the main roads. By encouraging everyone to get involved, Cllr Flynn is working to find solutions to combat the litter problem and stop stop growing environmental degradation and anti-social behaviour.

Environment strategic policy (SPC) committee

Former SPC member 2009- 2014 and advocate to make Clare Fracking free, drafting of Clare household waste bylaws to combat litter, drinking water source protection and better planning to reduce climate change and invest in climate adaptation. 

Climate change 

Advocated to implement policy changes in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals to help Clare reduce greenhouse gas emissions and Ennis to plan to become a Green Tech town. Instrumental to stop production of fracked gas in Clare and is lobbying to stop imported fracked gas being allowed to be used in the National energy streams and in any future Data Centre in Clare. Advocate for an electric powered Ennis Town bus service to reduce transport emissions. Personally halved the family home’s carbon footprint over the last 15 years.

CLEAN (Clare Energy Action Network)

Founding member in 2003 and chairperson of group which helped inform policy documents and raise awareness about the potential opportunities for the production and use of renewable energies in Clare. 

Renewable Energy Production and Use. 

Investor and advocate for renewable energy resource projects in Clare. Founding member and Chair of the Renewable Energy Skillsnet in 2004 which provided professional training for over 2,500 installers of Renewable Energy heat system. Initially involved in Clare Wood Energy project which advocated for increased use of locally sourced wood energy for heating.