Ennis 2020 Community Visioning with University of Limerick

Town Officials with UL staff and students at Launch of Ennis 2020

Using input from the community and independent advice from University of Limerick, the people’s vision for Ennis in the year 2020 was drawn up in 2011. The democratic process was led by Cllr. Johnny Flynn and Clare Active Citizens. Full details from www.ennis2020.ie and www.JohnnyFlynn.ie .

The outcomes from the Visioning have been summarised into a framework document, which has been adopted by Ennis Town Council. Any elected councillor can use the framework to work toward what the people of Ennis themselves have asked for.


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According to the 2016 census figures, nearly 30% of the population in Ennis is 50 years old and over, and these numbers are continually growing. I highlighted the needs of this population at..

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This week I brought a notice of motion to the Clare County Council meeting to clarify the distribution of funding for Ennis..

The ancient pedestrian “ Rocky Road “ begins on the Clonroadmore Road near Suttons Lighting and Eire Og club and exits on the Roundabout on Western Relief Road displaying the Icarus Statue. This trail recently earned recognition, both locally and nationally, for the issue that arose from a herd of..