Animal Welfare

What is it?

People and animals have been living side by side for thousands of years. Studies have shown that the humane treatment of animals not only benefits the animals but the community’s people.

What does it mean to you?

As an Animal lover and former pet owner, Cllr Johnny Flynn is committed to advocating for the protection of Animals.


Protection of Stray Dogs and Horses

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In response to community concerns about stray and unwanted dogs, Cllr Johnny Flynn has been monitoring the facilities in the Ennis Dog Shelter and working towards safeguarding Animal Welfare in Clare since 2014. He has undertaken regular visits, analysed the procedures in line with the Control of Dogs Act and encouraged transparency from the management of the Shelter.

Since 2016, the Shelter has been manged by Midland Animal Care Ltd since who have an experienced and caring staff and a Vet on call 24/7. This tender is up for review at the end of 2018 and Cllr Johnny Flynn will continue to advocate for animal welfare during this decision-making process.

The encouragement for investment in the facilities has resulted in new outdoor kennels, improved heating equipment and increase in storage facilities.

Based on the figures supplied to us there has been great movement in the issue of stray and unwanted dogs in Ennis:

Total number of Dogs to come through the Shelter has fallen by 5% in 2017 from previous year

Total number of Rehomed Dogs has increased by 18% in 2017 compared to previous year

The number of dogs put to sleep in the Ennis Dog Shelter fell by 85% in 2017 vs 2016

Advocating for more focus and transparency within the management contracts of stray animals has helped to raise awareness. With the new contract for horse welfare management in 2018, Horse Outside Ltd will care for the horse at a pound facility until they are reclaimed or rehomed. This new contract not only improves the well-being of the animals, there is a savings of €13,000 per year by reducing the number of euthanised horses.