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Sustainable Future Development

To achieve a Sustainable Future we must avoid a piecemeal approach to Social and Economic needs with an overarching imperative of protecting the environment and improving social equality. Creating initiatives to support a sustainable future to meet the needs of Ennis residents today while supporting future proofing.

UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development 

Sustainable goals for Ennis called for plan for Ennis based on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Johnny focused on a number of other projects over the years to support and grow employment in an industry that supports Clare and shapes the image of our town and county: 

Re-Establish Promote Ennis in 2010 to establish Visit Ennis

Purple Flag Accreditation for safe, vibrant nightlife since 2012

Development of Coach Park at Friar’s Walk and registering Ennis as a Coach Friendly Destination

Support for license application by Dublin Coach for Green Bus service 

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Policies Planning for Our Future

Active participant in the creation, analysis and research of crucial policy documents planning the future of Ennis:

Ennis 2040

National Development Plan 2040

Southern Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES)

Clare Local Community and Economic Plan (LCEP) 

Clare County Development Plan (CDP) 2017-2023

Ennis Municipal Development Plan - Vol.3A - CDP 2017-2023


According to the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport overall employment in tourism is estimated to be in the region of 220,000 jobs across Ireland. Ennis relies heavily on the domestic and international tourists. Knowing tourism shapes the image of the town, Cllr Johnny Flynn has focussed on a number of projects over the years to support and grow employment in these areas. He was at the core of the collaboration between Ennis Chamber, Shannon Development/Failte Ireland, Ennis Town Council and business representatives, which was re-established Promote Ennis in 2010. More recently he advocated for the development of the Coach Park at Friar’s Walk which has earned the Clare County Council 2018 Excellence in Local Government Awards for becoming a Coach Friendly Destination.

In 2018, Cllr Flynn secured funding for the Local Heritage Tour Guiding course at LIT and supported this in conjunction with Ennis Chamber. Designed to develop the skill of guiding by ensuring that guides will have a background of national core knowledge combined with in-depth local heritage, culture and social history of identified regions, Ennis was included in this course as a result of the funding secured by Cllr Flynn.

Sustainable Business Facilities

One in three jobs in Ireland are at high risk of being disrupted by the adoption of digital technologies reported Expert Group on Future Skills Needs (EGFSN)  earlier this month. However, their findings indicated these changes are in the types of jobs Irish people will perform and not actual job losses. 

With the shift in the workplace brought on by digital technologies, Cllr Johnny Flynn has campaigned to ensure the facilities provided in Ennis also progress to retain skilled workers and encourage entrepreneurship to remain in the town. The EGFSN highlights an area of focus for Ireland should be state and non-state collaborating to help the country respond to the challenges imposed on the workforce by digitalisation.

Enterprise and digital hubs are appropriate flexible, affordable workplaces for creative sector, technology and entrepreneurs. This is the way that business people are working around the world Cllr Flynn campaigned for the development of innovation centre which was approved by Clare Councty Council in early 2018.  A facility for private sector workers and entrepreneurs funded by the Clare County Council is just the collaboration Ennis needs to be sustainable in the future.

Cllr Flynn has researched how the Porter Shed in Galway was working out and found it is a successful example for an Enterprise and Digital hub. He will campaign for the site in Tracklands to emulate these proven practices for this type of facility.

Ennis Jobs Strategy

What is it?

A meeting will be held two weeks after the elections on 05th June at Temple Gate Hotel, which aims to use synergy and develop a concise strategy covering various sectors with opportunity to get quick, medium and long term wins for Ennis in terms of job creation. Sectors to be reviewed are in particular Retail, Tourism, Construction, Community based food production, Creativity, Industry, the Future and Youth Employment. 

What does it mean for you?

The meeting will be seeing several 5mins solution-based presentations and it will continue with a split into working groups by sector. Following a period of review, the aim is to compile a result-driven report with actions for 2014 and possible jobs in the period 2015-2020. The report will be made available to the new Ennis Municipal District committee by early September asking for their support in the implementation.

The overall aim is based on the Economy, Employment and Retail Sector section of the Ennis 2020 Framework that asks for ‘A Job creation strategy for Ennis as an employment hub for County Clare developed and implemented’. The framework developed by University of Limerick for Ennis also outlines four routes to achieve this including 1, Explore and develop best practice international models of job creation for small towns; 2, Create a local employment task force to stimulate local economic growth and job creation; 3, Develop links with third level institutions to promote graduate placement opportunities locally; 4, Promote Ennis as a centre for employment and provide incentives for business and industry to locate in the town.

The meeting will be held on 05th June at Temple Gate Hotel at 6.30pm. Anyone is welcome to attend and the organisers appreciate prior contact to prepare for the event, contact Johnny Flynn on 0872571842 or jny.flynn@gmail.com 

Promote Ennis Collaborative Town Approach

What is it?

A collaboration between Ennis Chamber, Shannon Development/ Failte Ireland, Ennis Town Council and business representatives, which was re-established in 2010 and since has successfully launched a town brochure, town app, website and application for Purple Flag status. The re-launch of this vehicle was driven by Cllr. Johnny Flynn and he has since been at the core of this initiative.


What does it mean for you?

A collaborative approach strengthens the town as whole resulting in the retention and space for creation of jobs, including 20 new jobs with Dublin bus in December 2013.  The aim of this collaboration is the promotion of the Town to Irish and International tourists, which leads to economic growth long-term.


July 2012 monthly meeting

July 2012 monthly meeting

Promote Ennis Brochure Launch

Outcomes and Ongoing projects of Promote Ennis

You Tube videos produced by Ennis Development Forum Team of Aoife Madden, Meg Griffin, Shane O'Neil, Johnny Flynn, Brian O'Neil and Rita McInerney


Ennis Town-Share the feeling

Ennis Town-Share the dream

Purple Flag Awarded

A BID to boost Ennis


 Actions and Achievements 2013

  • 40 page full colour Visit Ennis Brochure with visitor information on travel, accommodation, businesses, services, historical sites, cultural activities as well as map and locations for 4 different routes covering County Clare

  • 25,000 Visit Ennis Brochures distributed locally, regionally, nationally and internationally

  • Aim to become Ireland’s Friendliest Town supported by Ennis Chamber campaign Create the Magic and endorsed by Purple Flag assessors as welcoming and clean town.

  • 7,000 downloads of the Ennis APP, 5,000 unique visits to the Visit Ennis website www.visitennis.ie, Over 500 friends on very recently launched active Facebook page

  • Prestigious international Purple Flag Accreditation awarded to Ennis, first recipient town in Ireland

  • Fabulous Fridays trial in July, August and September for late evening shopping with promotion and giveaways

  • Voluntary Street Ambassadors from hospitality businesses attended Failte Ireland Customer Service training and provided assistance during Fabulous Fridays in July, August and September

  • Participated in Failte Ireland Tourism Towns competition process by assisting Tidy Towns with aim of becoming top Tourism Town with result of being within top 10 towns.

  • Represented in Ennis 2020 process with University of Limerick and supporting follow-on Community Safety Survey through Purple Flag coordination

  • One of three organisations selected to participate in Waterford Institute of Technology Research Project commissioned by Failte Ireland on Best Practice for tourism bodies in Ireland’s towns and cities