Education and Arts 

What is it?

Cllr Johnny Flynn focuses on planning to ensure Ennis is successful and profitable town in the future. As a member of the School Board of Management for Scoil Christ Ri Cloughleigh for the last six years, he understand that  Education of Ennis’ youth is at the forefront of town planning. 

A community with a strong emphasis on Arts, enhances the aesthetic of the town for visitors and the quality of life for residents. Support of these initiatives and programmes, enriches the creativity and innovation of the community spirit.  

What does it mean for you?

In 2018 Scoil Christ Ri Cloughleigh opened its doors to students as a newly refurbished €6 million school. This achievement came after 5 years of raising funding, undergoing the planning process and tendering a builder to complete the works. Cllr Johnny Flynn was not only a member of the School Board during this time but he also took an active part in the New School Project Committee. His experience as a former Engineer and Fire Officer, was invaluable in guiding the team during this process. 

The children of this area and the teaching staff now have a suitable environment to learn and develop.