Purchase of the Rocky Road

The ancient pedestrian “ Rocky Road “ begins on the Clonroadmore Road near Suttons Lighting and Eire Og club and exits on the Roundabout on Western Relief Road displaying the Icarus Statue. This trail recently earned recognition, both locally and nationally, for the issue that arose from a herd of wild goats. However, the history of this passageway goes back much further when it served as the  route from Ennis to the 12th Century Killone Abbey and St. John's Well for many pilgrims and in later years used by farmers to access Ennis from the South West for fairs.

In more recent times, the Council has identified the Rocky Road as an area that could become a recreational amenity for the residents of Ennis. I took an active part in campaigning for the purchase of this land to create a wildlife park and walks back in  2016 and I’m revisiting the issue this month.

When the Western Relief ring road of Ennis was being developed, there was a public outcry for Clare County Council to obtain the land on the Rocky Road so the people of the town could access this for recreation. There were funds allocated for amenity purpose in May 2014, but no action has been taken to proceed.

This month, I’m reviving this cry with a new notice of motion for use these funds to be for the  purchase of  this land for the people of Ennis to enjoy, particularly to serve the south and west of Ennis. Many studies have proved that recreation areas help promote active lifestyles and healthy communities.