Lifford Lights are Twinkling

This Christmas the twinkling lights of Ennis will not stop at the Club Bridget but are extending across “The Rhine” into the Lifford area.

The three pubs of the Lifford, Copper Jug, Mickey Kerins and James O’Keefe’s/Tom Steeles, approached me to get their area included in the town’s festive lighting. I was proud to lead this project and delighted to announce the money has been secured for the purchase, erection and running costs of the lights with the assistance of Cllr Pat Daly and Cllr Mary Howard.

The other business in the area has supported this project through a financial contribution to offset the cost of the lights on the County Council. The businesses in Lifford have all gotten behind this project contributing towards the costs of the lights €2,335 and are looking forward to their customers and the local school children being able to experience the festive atmosphere in this area.

The three pubs of Lifford that launched this campaign together employ over 25 people and pay over €25,000 commercial rates each year to Clare County Council. The area is also part of the Purple Flag area for safe and vibrant nightlife in Ennis so the lights will be a welcome addition to the atmosphere in the pubs’ busiest time of the year.

As a native of this area, I was delighted to help the Lifford Quarter Business Group by securing the budget to extend the Christmas lights to this historic area of the town. This vibrant area is what remains of the old town that was built around the 13th Century Franciscan Abbey across the river. These Christmas lights will be a warm welcome to the visitors entering Ennis from the northern entry.