Chaos at Corrovorin Intersection

Since the introduction of Junction 13 on the M18, I have witnessed many changes to the Tulla Road traffic with up to 15,000 vehicles per day, some at dangerous speeds, travelling the road and the recent opening of a roundabout at Cappahard Estate. 

Yet, the busy junction at Corrovorin and Kevin Barry Ave has remained ultimately the same as when these housing estates were built over 40 years ago despite the significant increase in traffic on the road.

Living in the area, I’ve experienced first-hand the danger this intersection brings to the residents of Corrovorin, Kevin Barry Estate and students at St. Anne’s School. Not only does this impact residents of the area, but local business in the area would also greatly benefit from a safer traffic system to attract more customers. 

I have assisted the concerned residents to draft a letter to Ennis Municipal District pleading for a risk assessment and action plan for the corner. To support their efforts, I have submitted a notice of motion for the construction of either a Roundabout or the installation of traffic lights at the Corrovorin junction on health, safety and access grounds. 

In an attempt to make the area safer, Ennis Municipal District has installed bollards and increased the yellow box markings, but this has just caused further chaos. I’m handing in a petition with early 300 signatures demanding action on resolving the traffic safety issues at the junction . This dangerous intersection needs a roundabout or lights installed to for the high traffic levels and excessive vehicular speed at this junction.