Local Democracy brings back Dublin Coach stop

Great News - my and other peoples work at Local Democracy level helps in ensuring that Dublin Coach has been issued with an improved Ennis Limerick Dublin bus service licence, which is one without the restrictions of not being able to drop off or take on passengers at Arthur's Quay Limerick at morning & evening Peak times.

Glad to have worked since September so that Dublin Coach Ennis to Limerick Bus has a new unrestricted bus licence issued today . This licence is for their Ennis Limerick Dublin bus service which now does not have the restrictions that previously prohibited the service dropping off or collecting at peak times at Arthurs Quay. I have being working to get this outcome since the end of September 2015 both at Local and National level.

A. Action at Local Level.

1. Initial Stage to get Dublin Coach to have a licence to operate to and from Ennis.
As people may recall over 5 years ago I was successful in proposing that a Coach park be built by Ennis Town Council at Templegate Hotel Carpark and that in 2013 I and others were successful in working to overturn the decision by the National Transport Agency to refuse Dublin Coach a licence to extend its Dublin to Limerick bus service to Ennis. At that time I got the full support from my fellow Ennis Town Councillors when I proposed that we write directly to the Minister requesting that Dublin Coach be allowed operate to & from Ennis. I wrote directly to the then Minister for Transport , Leo Varadker , seeking his intervention on the appeal of the initial licence application refusal

2. Dublin Coach being recently blocked to drop & collect at Peak times in Limerick City.
At the Oct 6th 2015 Ennis Municipal District Committee meeting I brought the issue of the bus service restrictions and their negative impact on Ennis and Clare transport users , particularly on students and workers , to the attention of the meeting.
I drafted the following proposal , and got the agreement of all of my 7 fellow Ennis Municipal District County Councillors to sign it , and then put it formally to the meeting for discussion. The meeting agreed unanimously with the proposal that we write formally as follows ;

" To the Minister for Transport - That the members of Ennis Municipal District request that Dublin Coach service from Ennis to Dublin via Limerick City be allowed under their licence to drop and collect passengers at Arthur's Quay , Limerick , at all times particularly at ,morning and evening peak times "
This was adopted and officially sent to Minister Pascal O Donoghue , Minister for Transport.

B. Action at National Level .

Through the offices of Pat Breen TD I arranged that I , Pat Breen TD , Brian O Neill Promote Ennis and Carmen Cronin , Ennis Purple Flag Coordinator met with the Minister for Transport , Pascal O Donoghue to make the case for the Dublin Coach bus service from Ennis to Dublin via Limerick City be allowed under their licence to drop and collect passengers at Arthur's Quay , Limerick , at all times particularly at morning and evening peak times. At that meeting on Monday 23rd of November 2015 we stressed the importance on a number of grounds such as , shortage of student accommodation in Limerick, access to education, access to re-training , social justice, environmental, climate change, tourism, etc that the Minister should ensure that this service not be restricted as proposed by the National Transport Agency from picking up or dropping down passengers at Arthur's Quay, Limerick. The minister gave us a good hearing and committed to review the situation.

This is great news coming up to Christmas for students , their families and other workers who have been able to use the service in a cost efficient manner.